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Specials - Regeneration Facts (2005 Children in Need special)

Although no title is given on screen for this episode, it's working title was 'Regeneration Facts'.

Written By:
Russell T Davies

Original Air Date:
18th November 2005

Inside the TARDIS, Rose questions the the Doctor, who has just regenerated. She finds it hard to accept the Doctor has changed into a new body and thinks that one of a number of aliens may have replaced him. The Doctor allays her doubts by telling her about the first time he met her and dismisses her concerns about having left Jack behind on Satellite 5.

The regeneration, however, has gone wrong and the Doctor is slightly crazed. He decides to land the TARDIS on Christmas Eve. With Cloister Bell warning of imminent danger, the Doctor screams in pain and warns of a crash landing.


TARDIS interior

Full length Children in Need 2005 special

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