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Series 4 - Episode 12: The Stolen Earth

Written By:
Russell T Davies

Original Air Date:
28th June 2008

When the Earth is stolen from its orbit and placed in another galaxy with 26 other stolen planets, the Doctor's secret army of allies join forces to defend the Earth from the New Dalek Empire and contact the Doctor with the mysterious subwave network. 

With battles raging on the streets and in the sky, the Doctor and Donna confront the Shadow Proclamation to find the truth; however, a fearsome old enemy waits in the shadows.

Davros, the Daleks, Dalek Caan, Supreme Dalek

Earth (London, Cardiff, Manhattan - 2009)
Shadow Proclamation (2009)
Dalek Crucible interior
Medusa Cascade

Preview Clip

Clip - Regeneration

TV Trailer

Dalek Teaser

Next Time Trailer

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